Alfa Romeo AR30558 (M300BA.17.A) engine parts

This is a complete list of Alfa Romeo AR30558 (M300BA.17.A) engine parts. Please use the drop downs above to modifiy your selection.

Endurotec (11A0825) Alternator and Water Pump V Belt 11A x 11mm x 825mm x 38º

Unit Size: EACH

Power Steering Suits 33 models


Endurotec (11A0850) Alternator (Suits Spider models only) V Belt 11A x 11mm x 850mm x 38º

Unit Size: EACH



Endurotec (13A0950) Power Steering V Belt 13A x 13mm x 950mm x 38º

Unit Size: EACH

Airconditioner Suits 33 models


Glyco (01-4178/4 STD) Conrod Bearings

Unit Size: SET

STD 010 020 Plain shells Shaft 49.984/50.000mm 1.9679/1.9685¨ Tunnel 53.696/53.708mm 2.1140/2.1145¨


Elring 418.080 Head Gasket

Unit Size: EACH

2 required


TRW (56129) Inlet Valves

Unit Size: EACH

Head 39.8mm x length 92.9mm x stem 8mm


Goetze (08-110300-00) Piston Rings Chrome

Unit Size: EACH

STD (4 required) 1.5mm/1.75mm/3mm


AE (55-4505 SEMI) Small End Bushes

Unit Size: EACH

4 required


Glyco (66329Y SEMI) Small End Bush

Unit Size: EACH

4 required


Elring 115.100 Sump Gasket Set

Unit Size: EACH

Sump plug washer


Dayco 94140 Timing Belt

Unit Size: EACH

Suits 33 fuel injected & Sprint models 2 required 98 teeth x 17mm wide x 3/8 square