Austin 2227 engine parts

This is a complete list of Austin 2227 engine parts. Please use the drop downs above to modifiy your selection.

Lunati (301) Chemical

Unit Size: EACH

Flat tappet cam break in lube Includes key ingredients needed during the break in process on all flat tappet cam engines


Endurotec (11A0900) Alternator and Generator V Belt 11A x 11mm x 900mm x 38º

Unit Size: EACH

Fan and Generator


Mr Gasket (1561) Fuel Pump

Unit Size: EACH

Fuel Pressure Gauge 1-1/2¨, 0-15 PSI Suits carburettor only


Endurotec (3SR-108CL) Timing Chain

Unit Size: EACH



Mr Gasket (6322) Workshop Consumables

Unit Size: EACH

Exhaust wrap/heat shield