Endurotec (11A1090) Airconditioner V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1090mm x 38º

Endurotec (11A1090) Airconditioner V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1090mm x 38º

$13.20 /EACH

Alternator (except Hornet models)

AMC with a 258 engine.

Part Code
Cogged V-Belt
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Endurotec (11A1090) Airconditioner V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1090mm x 38º 11A x 11mm x 1090mm x 38º Airconditioner Suits 132 models (2 required) AMC with a 258 engine.



Endurotec® represent value for money in a medium quality program that is designed for the budget conscious user.

Suitable For

Jeep CJ7/8 J10/J20 258
Jeep Renegade 258
Rambler Hornet 258
Various 258
Centura 215 (Hemi)
Centura KB KC 245 (Hemi)
Charger 215 (Hemi)
Charger 245 (Hemi)
Dodge Ute 215 (Hemi)
Dodge Ute 245 (Hemi)
Dodge Van 215 (Hemi)
Dodge Van 245 (Hemi)
Ranger 215 (Hemi)
Valiant 215 (Hemi)
Valiant 245 (Hemi)
DS23 DX5
124 Coupe 132AC000 132AB1A0
124 Spider 132AC000 132AB1A0
124 Sport 132AC000 132AB1A0
132 132C2000 132C3000 132D1000 132DB2A
132 132AC000 132AB1A0
132 Special 132C2000 132C3000 132D1000 132DB2A
Argenta 132C2000 132C3000 132D1000 132DB2A
Croma 154C 834B000
Ford Car
Cortina TE 250 Cast X-Flow
F100 302 Cleveland
F100 250 Cast X-Flow
F100 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZD 302 Cleveland
Fairlane ZD 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZF 302 Cleveland
Fairlane ZF 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZG 302 Cleveland
Fairlane ZG 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZH 302 Cleveland
Fairlane ZH 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZJ 250 Cast X-Flow
Fairlane ZJ 302 Cleveland
Fairlane ZJ 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZK 302 Cleveland
Falcon XA 302 Cleveland
Falcon XA 351 Cleveland
Falcon XB 302 Cleveland
Falcon XB 351 Cleveland
Falcon XC 250 Cast X-Flow
Falcon XC 302 Cleveland
Falcon XC 351 Cleveland
Falcon XD 351 Cleveland
Falcon XD 302 Cleveland
Falcon XE 302 Cleveland
Falcon XY 351 Cleveland
Landau 351M
LTD AU 302 Cleveland
LTD FC 250 Cast X-Flow
LTD FC 302 Cleveland
LTD FD 302 Cleveland
LTD FD 351 Cleveland
Transit 250 Cast X-Flow
Various 351M
Various 351 Windsor Performance
Commodore VB 253 Red
Commodore VC Starfire 1X
Commodore VH Starfire 1X
Commodore VK Starfire 1X
HG 253 Red
HJ 253 Red
HQ 253 Red
HT 253 Red
HX 253 Red
HZ 253 Red
Sunbird UC Starfire 1X
Torana LH 253 Red
Torana LX 253 Red
Legend KA C27A (SOHC 24 Valve)
Pajero ND 4D56 Turbo (SOHC 8 Valve)
Pajero NE 4D56 Turbo (SOHC 8 Valve)
Pajero NF 4D56 Turbo (SOHC 8 Valve)
Pajero NG 4D56 Turbo (SOHC 8 Valve)
Pajero NH 4D56 Turbo (SOHC 8 Valve)
Triton MH 4D56 Turbo (SOHC 8 Valve)
Triton MJ 4D56 Turbo (SOHC 8 Valve)
604 ZM (112)
Coaster HB30 2H
Coaster HB31 12H Turbo
Coaster HB32 12H Turbo
Coaster HB36 2H
Dyna HU40/50 2H
Landcruiser HJ47 2H
Landcruiser HJ50 2H
Landcruiser HJ60 2H
Landcruiser HJ61 12H Turbo
Landcruiser HJ75 2H
Triumph Car
2.5 Pi Mk1/MK2 2500
2500 S/TC 2500
Stag 2997
TR5 2500
TR6 2500
Volvo Car
760 B280F
960 B280F