Durapro (GSEW960D) Conversion Gasket Set

Durapro (GSEW960D) Conversion Gasket Set

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This engine part suits the AMC Various with a 258 engine.

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Conversion Gasket Set
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This engine part suits the AMC Various with a 258 engine.



Graphflex® by Durapro® is a performance head gasket. Graphflex® head gaskets are composed of a 100% graphite facing material combined with a perforated steel core and stainless steel combustion flanges. The graphite facing material can withstand the motion of the cylinder head and block and the heat often experienced in a performance engine.

Because Graphflex® head gaskets are made from pure A-grade graphite they have a natural property which consists of thousands of flaky particles. Each flake is designed to withstand the movement of a cylinder head and block by acting similar to a multi-layered steel head gasket.

Graphflex® head gaskets also have a unique property referred to as “thermal conductivity”. That means the material actually transfers the heat away from the heat source. One good example of this is the small block Chevrolet. The back to back exhaust valves on this engine tends to create a lot of heat, often resulting in a burnt out head gasket. The Graphflex® head gasket allows the heat to move away from the hot spot to the coolant holes of the gasket, helping to prevent a head gasket burn out.

Plus, all Graphflex® head gaskets are genuine non re-torque and are impervious to corrosive coolants, fuels and oils. These are major problems for non-graphite based head gaskets and are solved by using a Graphflex® head gasket. Most Durapro® gasket sets include Graphflex® head gaskets similar to those used as original equipment by car manufacturers.

All Durapro® sets incorporate only the best materials that are all designed to perform better right down to the smallest detail. As a result these sets are all original equipment standard and come complete in most cases with genuine NOK® oil seals, US manufactured soft cuts, the highest grade cork componentry and silicon rubber and metal components that are second to none.

Durapro® gaskets are available to suit a full range of Australian, American, British, Japanese and Korean applications.

Suitable For

Jeep CJ7/8 J10/J20 258
Jeep Renegade 258
Rambler American 232
Rambler Hornet 258
Various 232
Various 258
Cherokee XJ ERH 242 MX (4.0 Litre)
Grand Cherokee WG ERH 242 MX (4.0 Litre)
Grand Cherokee WJ ERH 242 MX (4.0 Litre)
Grand Cherokee ZG ERH 242 MX (4.0 Litre)
Renegade CJ5-CJ6-CJ7 232
Renegade CJ5-CJ6-CJ7 258
Wrangler TJ ERH 242 MX (4.0 Litre)
Various 199