Endurotec (11A1080) Alternator V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1080mm x 38º

Endurotec (11A1080) Alternator V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1080mm x 38º

$11.00 /EACH

Alternator (1972-75)

AMC Various with a 401 engine.

Part Code
Cogged V-Belt
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Endurotec (11A1080) Alternator V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1080mm x 38º 11A x 11mm x 1080mm x 38º Alternator Suits Cortina TE and Falcon XD models AMC Various with a 401 engine.



Endurotec® represent value for money in a medium quality program that is designed for the budget conscious user.

Suitable For

Jeep Cherokee 360
Rambler AMX 390
Rambler Javelin 401
Rambler Javelin 343
Rambler Javelin 390
Rambler Rebel 343
Rambler Rebel 360
Various 401
Various 343
Various 390
Various 360
Ford Car
Bronco 302 Windsor
Cortina TC 200 Non X-Flow
Cortina TC 250 Non X-Flow
Cortina TD 200 Non X-Flow
Cortina TD 250 Non X-Flow
Cortina TE 200 Alloy X-Flow
Cortina TE 250 Alloy X-Flow
Cortina TE 200 Cast X-Flow
Cortina TE 250 Cast X-Flow
Cortina TF 200 Alloy X-Flow
Cortina TF 250 Alloy X-Flow
F100 250 Cast X-Flow
F100 351 Cleveland
F100 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZA 200 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZB 302 Windsor
Fairlane ZB 200 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZC 302 Windsor
Fairlane ZC 351 Windsor
Fairlane ZD 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZD 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZF 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZF 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZG 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZG 250 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZH 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZJ 250 Cast X-Flow
Fairlane ZJ 351 Cleveland
Fairlane ZJ 250 Alloy X-Flow
Fairlane ZK 250 Alloy X-Flow
Fairlane ZL 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XA 351 Cleveland
Falcon XA 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XA 250 Non X-Flow
Falcon XB 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XB 250 Non X-Flow
Falcon XB 351 Cleveland
Falcon XC 200 Cast X-Flow
Falcon XC 250 Cast X-Flow
Falcon XC 351 Cleveland
Falcon XD 351 Cleveland
Falcon XD 200 Cast X-Flow
Falcon XD 200 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XD 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XE 200 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XE 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XF 200 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XF 250 Alloy X-Flow
Falcon XM 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XP 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XR 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XT 302 Windsor
Falcon XW 351 Windsor
Falcon XW 302 Windsor
Falcon XY 351 Cleveland
Falcon XY 302 Windsor
Falcon XY 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XY 250 Non X-Flow
Galaxie 302 Windsor
Landau 351M
LTD FC 250 Cast X-Flow
LTD FC 250 Alloy X-Flow
LTD FD 250 Alloy X-Flow
LTD FD 351 Cleveland
LTD FE 250 Alloy X-Flow
Mustang 351 Windsor
Mustang 302 Windsor
Nissan Ute 250 Alloy X-Flow
Transit 250 Cast X-Flow
Transit 200 Non X-Flow
Various 351M
Various 351 Windsor Performance
Accord SJ/SY EL
Prelude SN EL
1600 EA71
Brumby EA71
Leone EA71
Corolla AE81 3A-C
Tercel AL25 3A-C
Caravelle T3 MV
Caravelle T3 (DF/DG) DF DG DH
Kombi T3 MV
Transporter Kombi T3 (DH) DF DG DH
Volvo Car
260 B28E
264 B28E
265 B28E
760 B28E