Tridon Thermostat Gasket Paper Style Gasket. Self Adhesive Back. - TTG29U

Tridon Thermostat Gasket Paper Style Gasket. Self Adhesive Back. - TTG29U

$1.43 /EACH

Thermostat gasket

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo 75 (AR06124/AR61503) with a AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301 engine.

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  • Paper Style Gasket.
  • Self Adhesive Back.

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo 75 (AR06124/AR61503) with a AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301 engine.



The Tridon MH/HS part stainless perforated band clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability

Manufactured in Australia to SAE J1508 standards, the flexible stainless steel perforated band combined with the zinc plated carbon steel screw deliver low free torque for ease of installation and high strength for reliable high quality sealing

Suitable For

Alfa Romeo
164 (AR06412/AR64301) AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301
75 (AR06124/AR61503) AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301
C2 Peugeot TU5JP4 (NFU NFX)
C3 Peugeot TU5JP4 (NFU NFX)
C4 SX/VTR Peugeot TU5JP4 (NFU NFX)
CX2200 M22.617 M22.621
CX2400 M23.623
CX25 M25.659 M25.662
CX2500 M25.659 M25.662
Xantia Peugeot XU10J2TE Turbo
Xantia Activa Peugeot XU10J2TE Turbo
Xantia Exclusive Peugeot XU10J2C-Z
Xantia Image Peugeot XU10J4R (RFV)
Xantia Image Peugeot XU10J2C-Z
Xantia SX Peugeot XU10J4R (RFV)
Xantia SX Peugeot XU10J2C-Z
Xantia VSX Peugeot XU10J4R (RFV)
Xantia VSX Peugeot XU10J2TE Turbo
Xantia VSX Peugeot XU10J2C-Z
Xsara Peugeot TU5JP4 (NFU NFX)
Xsara Peugeot XU10J4R (RFV)
Xsara Peugeot XU7JP (SOHC 8 Valve)
Centro/Handivan L500 EF EL
Charade G10 CB
Charade G100 CB
Charade G100 CB Turbo
Charade G102 CB
Charade G11 CB
Charade G11 CB Turbo
Charade G202 CB
Delta DV series DG
Delta DV17 Toyota 12R
Delta DV23 Toyota 5R
Delta KV138 Toyota 1KDF-TV
Delta SV series DG
Delta SV17 Toyota 12R
Delta V series Toyota 13B
Delta V series DG
Delta V series Toyota 5R
Delta V series DL
F50/F55 series DG
Handivan L55 AB
Handivan L60 AD
Handivan L80 ED
Hi-Jet S60 AB
Hi-Jet S65 AB
Hi-Jet S66 AB
Hi-Jet S70 CD
Hi-Jet S75 CB
Hi-Jet S76 CB
Hi-Jet S85T CB
Hi-Jet S85V CB
Mira L200 EF EL
Mira L201 ED
Move L601 ED
Rocky F series DL
Rocky F series DL Turbo
Rocky F20 Toyota 12R
Rocky F25 Toyota 12R
1100D 103G000
1100T 103G000
1200 103G000
124 Coupe 124A000
124 S Coupe 125B000 125BC000
124 Sedan 124A000
124 Spider 124A000
124 Spider 125B000 125BC000
125 Special 125B000 125BC000
128 128A1000 128AC000 128AS000
128 3P 128A000
128 3P 128A1000 128AC000 128AS000
128 Special 128A000
128 Sport Coupe 128A000
1500 115000 115001
1500C 115000 115001
1500L 115000 115001
2100 Berlina 114000
2300L 114B000
500D 110D000
500F 110D000
500G 110D000
Regata 85S 138B3000
X 1/9 128A1000 128AC000 128AS000
X 1/9 138A2000
Ford Car
Courier Mazda R2
Courier PC PD PE PG PH Mazda G6
Econovan Mazda R2
Raider UV Mazda G6
48/215 (FX) 132 Grey
Commodore VC Starfire 1X
Commodore VH Starfire 1X
Commodore VK Starfire 1X
EJ 138 Grey
EK 138 Grey
FB 138 Grey
FC 132 Grey
FE 132 Grey
FJ 132 Grey
Jackaroo L1 (UBS17) Isuzu 4ZE1
Jackaroo L1 UBS55 Isuzu 4JB1 Turbo
Jackaroo UBS13 Isuzu G200Z
Jackaroo UBS16 Isuzu 4ZD1
Jackaroo UBS52 Isuzu C223
Jackaroo UBS52 Isuzu C223 Turbo
Rodeo KB Isuzu 4ZD1
Rodeo KB Isuzu G200Z
Rodeo KB Isuzu C190
Rodeo KB Isuzu C223
Rodeo KB27 Isuzu G180Z
Rodeo KB42 Isuzu G180Z
Rodeo TF Isuzu 4ZD1
Rodeo TF Isuzu 4JB1 Turbo
Rodeo TF Isuzu 4JA1
Rodeo TF Isuzu 4ZE1
Shuttle WFR Isuzu 4ZB1
Shuttle WFR Isuzu 4FC1
Shuttle WFR Isuzu 4ZC1
Sunbird UC Starfire 1X
Torana HB 1159
Torana LC 1159
Torana LJ 1759
Torana TA 1759
Excel X3 G4EK (SOHC 12 Valve)
Excel X3 Twin Cam G4FK (DOHC 16 Valve)
S Coupe G4EK Turbo (SOHC 12 Valve)
S Coupe 1N G4EK (SOHC 12 Valve)
340 3.4 Litre
420 4.2 Litre
E-type 3.8 Litre
E-type 5.3 Litre
E-type 4.2 Litre
Mark 2 3.4 Litre
Mark 2 3.8 Litre
Mark 4 3.8 Litre
Mark 5 3.8 Litre
Mk X 4.2 Litre
S Type 3.4 Litre
S Type (X200) 4.0 Litre (3996cc) AJ-BC-CC-CE-EC
S Type (X200) 2.5 Litre (2494cc) AJ25
Sovereign 4.2 Litre
Sovereign 5.3 Litre
Sovereign (X308) 4.0 Litre (3996cc) AJ-BC-CC-CE-EC
X Type (X400) 2.5 Litre (2494cc) AJ25
XJ12 5.3 Litre
XJ6 series 1 2.8 Litre
XJ6 series 1 (carby) 4.2 Litre
XJ6 series 2 (twin carby) 4.2 Litre
XJ6 series 3 (fuel injected) 4.2 Litre
XJ8 (X308) 4.0 Litre (3996cc) AJ-BC-CC-CE-EC
XJS 5.3 Litre
XJS HE 5.3 Litre
XJS V12 XJ40 5.3 Litre
XJSC HE 5.3 Litre
XJSC V12 XJ40 5.3 Litre
XK140 3.4 Litre
XK150 3.4 Litre
XK150 3.8 Litre
XK8 (X100) 4.0 Litre (3996cc) AJ-BC-CC-CE-EC
P76 2.6 Litre
P76 4.4 Litre
1200 TB
121 DB B3 (SOHC 16 Valve)
121 DB B5 (SOHC 16 Valve)
121 DW Metro B3 (SOHC 16 Valve)
121 Metro DW B5 (SOHC 16 Valve)
1500 UB
3 BL R2 Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
6 GH R2 Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
B2200 UF R2 (SOHC 8 Valve)
CX-7 ER R2 Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
E2000 VA
E2200 SD SR R2 (SOHC 8 Valve)
T2000 VA
Lancer CC 4G93 (SOHC 16 Valve)
Lancer CE 4G93 (SOHC 16 Valve)
Pajero iO QA 4G93 (SOHC 16 Valve)
1000 B10 A10
1200 B110 A12
120Y B210 A12
180SX S13 CA18DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
520 Pickup J13
521 Pickup J13
Atlas H40 Truck ED33 FD33
Bluebird E1
Bluebird 411 J13
Bluebird 910 (RWD) CA20S
Cabstar F22 TD27 TD27T
Cabstar H40 ED33 FD33
Civilian Bus W40 ED33 FD33
Navara D21 TD27 TD27T
Navara D22 TD27 TD27T
Patrol G60/61 (P) P P40
Patrol GQ Y60 RD28 Turbo
Patrol GU Y61 RD28 Turbo
Patrol MQ SD33 Turbo
Patrol MQ (P40) P P40
Pickup E1
Pickup B20 A10
Prairie M11 CA20S
Safari 161 SD33 Turbo
Silvia S13 CA18DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
Sunny B310 A12
Terrano D21 TD27 TD27T
Terrano D21 (Turbo) TD27 TD27T
Terrano R20 (Turbo intercooled) TD27 TD27T
Urvan E24 TD27 TD27T
Vanette C120 A12
Vanette C22 CA20S
Vanette C22 LD20
205 XU9J2 (D6A)
306 S16 XU10J4 (RFT)
306 SR/XR XU7JP (LFZ) (SOHC 8 Valve)
306 ST N3 XU10J2C-Z
306 XR N5 XU7JP4 (LFY) (DOHC 16 Valve)
306 XT XU7JP (LFZ) (SOHC 8 Valve)
306/XSi N3 XU10J2C-Z
306/XT N5 XU7JP4 (LFY) (DOHC 16 Valve)
309 XU9J2 (D6A)
309 GTi XU9J4 (D6C) (DOHC 16 Valve)
405 XU9J2 (D6A)
405 D70 XU10J2C-Z
405 M16 XU9J4 (D6C) (DOHC 16 Valve)
405 Mi16 XU10J4 (RFT)
Discovery 1 (35L-37L 37D-38D) 3.9 Litre (35D-38D 42D 35L-37L)
Range Rover (35D-38D 42D) 3.9 Litre (35D-38D 42D 35L-37L)
4 Runner LN130 3L
4 Runner LN60 2L (Mark 1)
4 Runner LN61 2L (Mark 1)
Aurion GSV40 2GR-FE
Aurion GSV50 2GR-FE
Coaster BB10 2B
Coaster BB20 3B
Coaster BB21/26 3B
Coaster BB40 3B
Coaster BB50 15B-FTE
Coaster BU19 B
Dyna 100 LH80 2L (Mark 1)
Dyna 150 LY211 3L
Dyna 150 LY60 2L (Mark 1)
Dyna 150 LY61 3L
Dyna 200 BU100 3B
Dyna 200 BU110 3B
Dyna 200 BU142 15B-F
Dyna 200 BU212 15B-F
Dyna 200 BU300/BU340 15B-FTE
Dyna 200 BU60 B
Dyna 200 BU63 B
Dyna 400 BU222 15B-F
Dyna BU10 B
Dyna BU12 B
Dyna BU15 B
Dyna BU20 B
Dyna BU22 B
Dyna BU36 3B
Dyna BU62BU64 13B
Dyna BU70 B
Dyna BU85 13B
Dyna HU15 H
Dyna HU30 H
Dyna LH80 2L (Mark 2)
Hiace LH100 2L (Mark 2)
Hiace LH103 3L
Hiace LH113 3L
Hiace LH125 3L
Hiace LH51/LH61 2L (Mark 1)
Hiace LH71 2L (Mark 1)
Hilux LN106 3L
Hilux LN107 3L
Hilux LN111 3L
Hilux LN56/LN65 2L (Mark 1)
Hilux LN60/61 2L (Mark 1)
Hilux LN80 (Imp.) 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN85 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN86 3L
Kluger GSU40/GSU45 2GR-FE
Landcruiser BJ40 B
Landcruiser BJ42 3B
Landcruiser BJ45/46 3B
Landcruiser BJ60/61 3B
Landcruiser BJ70 3B
Landcruiser BJ71/BJ74 13B Turbo
Landcruiser BJ73 3B
Landcruiser BJ75 3B
Landcruiser HJ45 H
Rav4 GSA33 2GR-FE
Tarago GSR50 2GR-FE
Toyoace LY31 2L (Mark 1)
Volvo Car
850 B5252S
850 B5254S
850 Turbo B5234T Turbo
850 Turbo B5254T Turbo
960 (B6304F) B6304F B6304G
C30 B5244S4
C30 T5 Turbo B5254T3 Turbo
C70 B5244S4
C70 T5 Turbo B5254T3 Turbo
Cross Country B5244T3 Turbo
S40 B4204S B4204S2
S40 B5244S4
S40 B4184S2
S40 T5 Turbo B5254T3 Turbo
S40 Turbo B4204T Turbo
S60 B5244S
S60 Turbo B5244T3 Turbo
S60 Turbo B5254T2 Turbo
S70 B5254S
S70 B5252S
S70 B5244S
S70 Turbo B5254T Turbo
S80 B5244S
S80 T5 Turbo B5254T2 Turbo
S80 T6 Turbo B6294T Turbo
S90 B6304F B6304G
V40 B4204S B4204S2
V40 B4184S2
V40 Turbo B4204T Turbo
V50 B5244S4
V50 T5 Turbo B5254T3 Turbo
V70 B5254S
V70 B5252S
V70 B5244S
V70 Turbo B5244T3 Turbo
V70 Turbo B5254T Turbo
V70 Turbo B5254T2 Turbo
V90 B6304F B6304G
XC70 Turbo B5244T3 Turbo
XC70 Turbo B5254T2 Turbo
XC90 T6 Turbo B6294T Turbo
XC90 Turbo B5254T2 Turbo