Tridon Thermostat Gasket Paper Style Gasket. Self Adhesive Back. - TTG20U

Tridon Thermostat Gasket Paper Style Gasket. Self Adhesive Back. - TTG20U

$1.80 /EACH

Thermostat gasket

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo 90 with a 119.00 AR01911 engine.

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  • Paper Style Gasket.
  • Self Adhesive Back.

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo 90 with a 119.00 AR01911 engine.



The Tridon MH/HS part stainless perforated band clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability

Manufactured in Australia to SAE J1508 standards, the flexible stainless steel perforated band combined with the zinc plated carbon steel screw deliver low free torque for ease of installation and high strength for reliable high quality sealing

Suitable For

Alfa Romeo
164 (AR06412/AR64301) AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301
75 119.00 AR01911
75 (AR06124/AR61503) AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301
75 Twin Spark AR06224
90 119.00 AR01911
GTV 119.00 AR01911
127 100GF000 100GL000
850 100GF000 100GL000
Ford Car
Corsair UA Nissan KA24E
Maverick DA Nissan TB42
Barina MB Suzuki G13A (SOHC)
Barina ML Suzuki G13A (SOHC)
Drover QB Suzuki G13A (SOHC)
Jackaroo L2/L5 Isuzu 6VD1 (SOHC 24 Valve)
420 4.2 Litre
E-type 3.8 Litre
E-type 4.2 Litre
Mark 2 3.8 Litre
Mark 4 3.8 Litre
Mark 5 3.8 Litre
Mk X 4.2 Litre
Sovereign 4.2 Litre
XJ6 series 1 (carby) 4.2 Litre
XJ6 series 2 (twin carby) 4.2 Litre
XJ6 series 3 (fuel injected) 4.2 Litre
XK150 3.8 Litre
GS430 UZS190 Toyota 3UZ-FE
LS400 UCF10 Toyota 1UZ-FE
LS400 UCF20 Toyota 1UZ-FE
LS430 UFC30 Toyota 3UZ-FE
LX470 UZJ100 Toyota 2UZ-FE
SC400 UZZ31 Toyota 1UZ-FE
SC430 UZZ40 Toyota 3UZ-FE
1000 PB
1000 PC
B2500 UF WL
Bongo Van PB
E2500 WL
T2500 WL
180SX S13 SR20DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
200SX S14 SR20DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
200SX S15 SR20DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
240SX KA24DE (DOHC 16 Valve)
Bluebird U13 KA24DE (DOHC 16 Valve)
Navara D21 KA24E (SOHC 12 Valve)
Navara D22 KA24E (SOHC 12 Valve)
Navara D22 KA24DE (DOHC 16 Valve)
NX/NXR B13 Coupe SR20DE (DOHC 16 Valve)
Patrol G60/61 (P) P P40
Patrol GQ TB42
Patrol MQ (P40) P P40
Pintara U12 KA24E (SOHC 12 Valve)
Pulsar N14 SR20DE (DOHC 16 Valve)
Pulsar N14 SR20DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
Pulsar N15 SR20DE (DOHC 16 Valve)
Serena C23 SR20DE (DOHC 16 Valve)
Silvia S13 SR20DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
Silvia S14 SR20DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
Silvia S15 SR20DE Turbo (DOHC 16 Valve)
Terrano R20 KA24E (SOHC 12 Valve)
Laguna RXE (722/723) F3R 722/723 750/751
Megane (750/751) F3R 722/723 750/751
Defender 2.5 Litre 10P TD5
Defender 110 2.5 Litre (200TDi 11L 12L)
Defender 110 (16L) 2.5 Litre (300TDi 16L 18L)
Defender 130 (16L) 2.5 Litre (300TDi 16L 18L)
Defender 90 2.5 Litre (200TDi 11L 12L)
Defender 90 (16L) 2.5 Litre (300TDi 16L 18L)
Discovery 1 (35L-37L 37D-38D) 3.9 Litre (35D-38D 42D 35L-37L)
Discovery 2.5 ES/S/SE (18L) 2.5 Litre (300TDi 16L 18L)
Discovery II 2.5 Litre 10P TD5
Discovery II (55D/56D) 4.0 Litre (44D 55D 56D)
Discovery TDI 2.5 Litre (200TDi 11L 12L)
Discovery TDI (18L) 2.5 Litre (300TDi 16L 18L)
Range Rover (35D-38D 42D) 3.9 Litre (35D-38D 42D 35L-37L)
Range Rover (44D) 4.0 Litre (44D 55D 56D)
Cordoba Volkswagen ADZ
Cordoba Volkswagen AEE
Cordoba Volkswagen 2E
Cordoba Volkswagen ABS
Cordoba Volkswagen AFT
Ibiza Volkswagen ABD
Ibiza Volkswagen ABF
Ibiza Volkswagen 2E
Ibiza Cupra Volkswagen ABF
Toledo Volkswagen ABF
Toledo Volkswagen 2E
Toledo Volkswagen AGG
Chairman (W100) Mercedes-Benz M162.994
Korando Mercedes-Benz M161.973
Korando Mercedes-Benz M162.993
Musso Mercedes-Benz M162.990 (M104.992)
Rexton RX290 (Y200) Mercedes-Benz OM662.925
Rexton RX320 (Y200) Mercedes-Benz M162.995
Stavic (A100) Mercedes-Benz M162.996
Alto SB305 F5A
Alto SB308 F8B
Baleno SY416 G16B (SOHC 16 Valve)
Carry DB71T F5A
Carry Van GA413 G13BB (SOHC 16 Valve)
Grand Vitara SQ416 G16B (SOHC 16 Valve)
Hatch SS40V F5A
Hatch SS80V F8B
Jimny SN413 G13BB (SOHC 16 Valve)
Mighty Boy SS40T F5A
Sierra SJ410 F10A
Sierra SJ413 G13A (SOHC 8 Valve)
Sierra SJ413 G13BA (SOHC 8 Valve)
Sierra Stockman MG410 F10A
Super Carry SK410 F10A
Swift GL/Cino SF413 G13BA (SOHC 8 Valve)
Swift SA310 G10
Swift SA413 G13A (SOHC 8 Valve)
Swift SF310 G10
Swift SF416 G16B (SOHC 16 Valve)
Vitara SE416 G16B (SOHC 16 Valve)
X90 SZ416 G16B (SOHC 16 Valve)
4 Runner LN130 3L
4 Runner LN60 2L (Mark 1)
4 Runner LN61 2L (Mark 1)
4 Runner RN130 22R
4 Runner YN130 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
4 Runner YN63 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Blizzard LD10 L
Camry SV21 3S-FC 3S-FE
Camry SV22 3S-FC 3S-FE
Celica ST162 3S-GE 3S-GELC
Celica ST162 3S-FC 3S-FE
Celica ST202 3S-FC 3S-FE
Celica ST202 (imp.) 3S-GE 3S-GELC
Coaster HB30 2H
Coaster HB36 2H
Coaster RB13 22R
Coaster RB20 22R
Corolla AE81 3A-C
Cressida MX62 5M-E
Cressida MX73 5M-E
Cressida MX83 7M-GE
Crown MS112 5M-E
Crown MS123 5M-E
Crown MS135/137 7M-GE
Dyna 100 LH80 2L (Mark 1)
Dyna 100 YH81 2Y 2Y-C
Dyna 100 YY100 2Y 2Y-C
Dyna 150 LY211 3L
Dyna 150 LY60 2L (Mark 1)
Dyna 150 LY61 3L
Dyna 200 YU62 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Dyna HU15 H
Dyna HU30 H
Dyna HU40/50 2H
Dyna LH80 2L (Mark 2)
Forklift 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace LH100 2L (Mark 2)
Hiace LH103 3L
Hiace LH11 L
Hiace LH113 3L
Hiace LH125 3L
Hiace LH30 L
Hiace LH50/60/70 L
Hiace LH51/LH61 2L (Mark 1)
Hiace LH71 2L (Mark 1)
Hiace YH50 2Y 2Y-C
Hiace YH53 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH63 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH73 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH81 2Y 2Y-C
Hilux LN106 3L
Hilux LN107 3L
Hilux LN111 3L
Hilux LN40 L
Hilux LN46 L
Hilux LN55 L
Hilux LN56/LN65 2L (Mark 1)
Hilux LN60/61 2L (Mark 1)
Hilux LN80 (Imp.) 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN85 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN86 3L
Hilux RN105 22R
Hilux RN106 22R
Hilux RN110 22R
Hilux RN130 22R
Hilux RN85 22R
Hilux RN90 22R
Hilux YN56 2Y 2Y-C
Hilux YN58 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hilux YN67 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hilux YN85 2Y 2Y-C
Landcruiser Bundera RJ70 22R
Landcruiser HJ45 H
Landcruiser HJ47 2H
Landcruiser HJ50 2H
Landcruiser HJ60 2H
Landcruiser HJ75 2H
Liteace YM21 2Y 2Y-C
Liteace YM30 2Y 2Y-C
Liteace YM35 2Y 2Y-C
Rav4 SXA10/SXA11 3S-FC 3S-FE
Soarer MZ20 7M-GE
Soarer MZ20/MZ211 (imp.) 7M-GTE Turbo
Spacia SR40 3S-FC 3S-FE
Spacia YR22 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Supra MA61 5M-E
Supra MA70 7M-GE
Supra MA70/MA71 7M-GTE Turbo
Tarago YR20 2Y 2Y-C
Tarago YR22 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tarago YR31 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tarago YR34 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tercel AL25 3A-C
Townace YR20 2Y 2Y-C
Toyoace LY30 L
Toyoace LY31 2L (Mark 1)
Volvo Car
440 B20F
P1800E B20F