Payen (CY640) VRS Head Gasket Set

Payen (CY640) VRS Head Gasket Set

$355.50 /SET

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo GT with a 936A6.000 engine.

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VRS Head Gasket Set
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vrs alfa ar16102 v6 3.0l gtv 1998-

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo GT with a 936A6.000 engine.


To achieve the perfect seal every time, we research and develop an immense range of gaskets, seals and head bolts. Superior sealing components optimise the engine management system and enable engines to run efficiently. They support the high demands of today’s compact and lightweight engines, which minimise emissions by extracting more power from less fuel. Payen has been proactive in meeting these industry challenges and developing award-winning sealing solutions.

Payen offers a full range of fibre, multi-layer steel and steel/elastomer gaskets, valve stem and oil seals, as well as all types of cylinder head bolt. With more than 10,500 gasket, oil seal and headbolt references, the Payen brand brings customers solutions for almost every light and heavy-duty vehicle application.

Suitable For

Alfa Romeo
147 GTA AR932A.000
156 GTA AR932A.000
166 (AR34301) AR34301 AR36101
166 (AR36101) AR34301 AR36101
GT 936A6.000
GTV (AR16102) AR16102 AR16105
GTV JTS 936A6.000
Spider (AR16105) AR16102 AR16105
Spider JTS 936A6.000