Tridon Thermostat Gasket Paper Style Gasket. Self Adhesive Back. - TTG9

Tridon Thermostat Gasket Paper Style Gasket. Self Adhesive Back. - TTG9

$1.43 /EACH

Thermostat gasket

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo GTV with a AR01655 engine.

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  • Paper Style Gasket.
  • Self Adhesive Back.

This engine part suits the Alfa Romeo GTV with a AR01655 engine.



The Tridon MH/HS part stainless perforated band clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability

Manufactured in Australia to SAE J1508 standards, the flexible stainless steel perforated band combined with the zinc plated carbon steel screw deliver low free torque for ease of installation and high strength for reliable high quality sealing

Suitable For

Alfa Romeo
33 Twin Carb 301.24
Alfasud Sprint 301.24
Alfetta GTV 2000 AR01655
Giulietta AR01655
GTV AR01655
Delta DV series DG
Delta DV23 Toyota 5R
Delta SV series DG
Delta V series DG
Delta V series Toyota 5R
F50/F55 series DG
Apollo JK Toyota 3S-FC Toyota 3S-FE
Apollo JL Toyota 3S-FC Toyota 3S-FE
Apollo JM Toyota 5S-FE
Apollo JP Toyota 5S-FE
900 Turbo B202L Turbo B202S Turbo
9000 Turbo B202L Turbo B202S Turbo
9000 Turbo B234L Turbo
DL Series EA82
Impreza GC EJ20E (SOHC 16 Valve)
Impreza GC/GF EJ18 (SOHC 16 Valve)
Impreza GF EJ20E (SOHC 16 Valve)
Leone EA82
Leone EA82 Turbo
Sherpa KN/KM EK42
Vortex EA82
Vortex EA82 Turbo
4 Runner LN130 3L
4 Runner LN60 2L (Mark 1)
4 Runner LN61 2L (Mark 1)
4 Runner YN130 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
4 Runner YN63 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Bundera LJ70 2L Turbo (Mark 1)
Celica RA23 18R
Celica RA28 18R
Celica RA40 18R
Coaster RU19 5R
Coaster RU30 5R
Corona Mark II MX13 4M
Corona Mark II MX23 4M
Corona RT104 18R
Corona RT118 18R
Corona RT132 18R
Corona RT40/80 2R
Corona RT81 12R
Cressida MX32 4M
Cressida MX36 4M
Crown (Import) 4M
Crown MS111 4M
Crown MS65 4M
Crown MS83 4M
Crown MS85 4M
Crown RS40 3R 3RB
Crown RS46 3R 3RB
Crown RS56 5R
Dyna 100 LH80 2L (Mark 1)
Dyna 100 YH81 2Y 2Y-C
Dyna 100 YY100 2Y 2Y-C
Dyna 150 LY211 3L
Dyna 150 LY60 2L (Mark 1)
Dyna 150 LY61 3L
Dyna 200 YU62 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Dyna LH80 2L (Mark 2)
Dyna RK170 3R 3RB
Dyna RK171 3R 3RB
Dyna RU10 5R
Dyna RU12 5R
Dyna RU15 5R
Dyna RU20 5R
Forklift 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace LH100 2L (Mark 2)
Hiace LH103 3L
Hiace LH113 3L
Hiace LH125 3L
Hiace LH51/LH61 2L (Mark 1)
Hiace LH71 2L (Mark 1)
Hiace RH10/15 2R
Hiace RH11 12R
Hiace RH16 12R
Hiace RH20 12R
Hiace RH22 18R
Hiace RH32 18R
Hiace RH42 18R
Hiace YH50 2Y 2Y-C
Hiace YH53 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH63 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH73 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH81 2Y 2Y-C
Hilux LN106 3L
Hilux LN107 3L
Hilux LN111 3L
Hilux LN56/LN65 2L (Mark 1)
Hilux LN60/61 2L (Mark 1)
Hilux LN61 (Imp.) 2L Turbo (Mark 1)
Hilux LN80 (Imp.) 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN85 2L (Mark 2)
Hilux LN86 3L
Hilux RN10 2R
Hilux RN15 2R
Hilux RN20 12R
Hilux RN25 12R
Hilux RN30 12R
Hilux RN36 18R
Hilux RN40 12R
Hilux RN41 18R
Hilux RN46 18R
Hilux Surf LN130 (imp.) 2L Turbo (Mark 2)
Hilux YN56 2Y 2Y-C
Hilux YN58 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hilux YN67 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hilux YN85 2Y 2Y-C
Landcruiser LJ70 LJ71 (Imp.) 2L Turbo (Mark 1)
Landcruiser LJ78 (imp.) 2L Turbo (Mark 2)
Liteace CM20 1C
Liteace CM35 1C
Liteace CM50 1C
Liteace YM21 2Y 2Y-C
Liteace YM30 2Y 2Y-C
Liteace YM35 2Y 2Y-C
Spacia YR22 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Stout RK101 5R
Stout RK110 5R
Tarago YR20 2Y 2Y-C
Tarago YR22 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tarago YR31 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tarago YR34 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Townace YR20 2Y 2Y-C
Toyoace LY31 2L (Mark 1)
Toyoace RY31 5R
Triumph Car
2.5 Pi Mk1/MK2 2500
2000 Mark 1 2000
2000 Mark 2 2000
2500 S/TC 2500
GT6 Mark 1 2000
GT6 Mark 2 2000
GT6 Mark 3 2000
Herald 948
Herald 12/50 1147
Herald 1200 1147
Spitfire Mark 1 1147
Spitfire Mark 2 1147
Spitfire Mark 3 1296
Spitfire Mark 4 1296
TR2 1991
TR3 1991
TR3A 1991
TR5 2500
TR6 2500
TR7 1998 (TR7)