Fel-Pro (SFLOS30187C) Felpro

Fel-Pro (SFLOS30187C) Felpro

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This engine part suits the AMC Rambler Javelin with a 390 engine.

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oil pan gasket amc 290-401

This engine part suits the AMC Rambler Javelin with a 390 engine.


When it comes to sealing solutions for vehicle engine repair, leak repair or system specific repair, Fel-Pro® is the industry’s leading brand of premium replacement gaskets and seals for car and light and medium-duty truck applications. Fel-Pro is also known for specialty sealing products for performance and marine engines.

By choosing Fel-Pro, you can be sure that your gaskets represent the ideal engineering and chemistry for any application. Fel-Pro is a leader in multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket design, the current leading-edge technology in sealing today’s lightweight engine castings. Where needed, Fel-Pro MLS designs include exclusive PermaTorque® MLS with LaserWeld™ technology which delievers the best sealing solition for MLS sealed engines.

Leak repair sealing technology from Fel-Pro includes the development of problem-solving products like PermaDryPlus® gaskets. These gaskets combine proprietary molded rubber on a turgid carrier to provide superior sealing performance even on problematic applications.

Gaskets are critical components to any engine repair. Fel-Pro gaskets are engineered to provide the performance and durability needed to withstand the unique characteristics of a given application and meet the specific needs in the replacement environment through advanced technologies and problem-solving products.

Suitable For

Jeep Cherokee 360
Rambler AMX 390
Rambler Javelin 401
Rambler Javelin 343
Rambler Javelin 390
Rambler Rebel 343
Rambler Rebel 360
Various 401
Various 290
Various 343
Various 390
Various 304
Various 360