Endurotec (11A1130) Alternator and airconditioner V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1130mm x 38º

Endurotec (11A1130) Alternator and airconditioner V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1130mm x 38º

$11.00 /EACH


AMC Various with a 390 engine.

Part Code
Cogged V-Belt
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Endurotec (11A1130) Alternator and airconditioner V Belt 11A x 11mm x 1130mm x 38º 11A x 11mm x 1130mm x 38º Alternator and airconditioner Suits Falcon XR models (2 belts required) AMC Various with a 390 engine.



Endurotec® represent value for money in a medium quality program that is designed for the budget conscious user.

Suitable For

Rambler AMX 390
Rambler Javelin 390
Various 390
Various 400
Centura 215 (Hemi)
Centura KB KC 245 (Hemi)
Charger 215 (Hemi)
Charger 245 (Hemi)
Charger 265 (Hemi)
Dodge Ute 215 (Hemi)
Dodge Ute 245 (Hemi)
Dodge Ute 265 (Hemi)
Dodge Van 215 (Hemi)
Dodge Van 245 (Hemi)
Dodge Van 265 (Hemi)
Ranger 215 (Hemi)
Valiant 215 (Hemi)
Valiant 245 (Hemi)
Valiant 265 (Hemi)
Ford Car
Cortina TC 200 Non X-Flow
Cortina TD 200 Non X-Flow
D series 240
F series 240
Fairlane 390
Fairlane ZA 200 Non X-Flow
Fairlane ZB 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XA 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XB 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XL 170
Falcon XM 170
Falcon XM 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XP 170
Falcon XP 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XR 170
Falcon XR 200 Non X-Flow
Falcon XY 200 Non X-Flow
Galaxie 390
Maverick DA Nissan TB42
Transit 200 Non X-Flow
Ford Truck
D series 240 (2701E)
D200 240 (2701E)
D300 240 (2701E)
D400 240 (2701E)
D500 240 (2701E)
Commodore Ute VG LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Commodore VN LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Commodore VP LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Commodore VR LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Commodore VS LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Commodore VT LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
HG Chevrolet 350
HK Chevrolet 327
HQ Chevrolet 350
HT Chevrolet 350
Statesman VQ LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Statesman VR LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Statesman VS LB9 5.0 Litre (EFI)
Suburban 1500 Chevrolet 350
Grange VS 5.7 Litre (EFI)
GTS VR 5.7 Litre (EFI)
GTS VS 5.7 Litre (EFI)
GTS VT 5.7 Litre (EFI)
Senator VR 5.7 Litre (EFI)
Senator VS 5.7 Litre (EFI)
Senator VT 5.7 Litre (EFI)
Statesman VR 5.7 Litre (EFI)
Statesman VS 5.7 Litre (EFI)
Beta 828B1000 828B4000
HPE 828B1000 828B4000
Patrol GQ TB42
Patrol GU Y61 TB45E
504 XD2
505 XD2S Turbo
505 GTD XD3 Turbo
505 SRD XD2S Turbo
Landcruiser FZJ105 1FZ-FE
Landcruiser FZJ75 1FZ-FE
Landcruiser FZJ78 1FZ-FE
Landcruiser FZJ79 1FZ-FE
Landcruiser FZJ80 1FZ-FE
Triumph Car
2000 Mark 1 2000
2000 Mark 2 2000
GT6 Mark 1 2000
GT6 Mark 2 2000
GT6 Mark 3 2000