Endurotec (13A0890) Airconditioner (with Sankyo or Sanden Compressor) V Belt 13A x 13mm x 890mm x 38º

Endurotec (13A0890) Airconditioner (with Sankyo or Sanden Compressor) V Belt 13A x 13mm x 890mm x 38º

$11.00 /EACH

Power steering

Asia Motors Rocsta with a Mazda R2 engine.

Part Code
Cogged V-Belt
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Endurotec (13A0890) Airconditioner (with Sankyo or Sanden Compressor) V Belt 13A x 13mm x 890mm x 38º 13A x 13mm x 890mm x 38º Airconditioner (with Sankyo or Sanden Compressor) Suits Accord models Asia Motors Rocsta with a Mazda R2 engine.



Endurotec® represent value for money in a medium quality program that is designed for the budget conscious user.

Suitable For

Alfa Romeo
164 (AR06412/AR64301) AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301
75 119.00 AR01911
75 (AR06124/AR61503) AR06124 AR06412 AR61503 AR64301
90 119.00 AR01911
GTV 119.00 AR01911
GTV AR16201
Spider AR16201
Asia Motors
Rocsta Mazda R2
Handivan L55 AB
Hi-Jet S60 AB
Hi-Jet S65 AB
Hi-Jet S66 AB
Ford Car
Courier Mazda R2
Courier PB Mazda S2
Econovan Mazda R2
Econovan Mazda S2
Commodore VB 173 Red
Commodore VB 253 Red
Commodore VB 308 Red
Commodore VB 202 Red
HG 161 Red
HG 253 Red
HG 308 Red
HJ 202 Red
HJ 253 Red
HJ 308 Red
HJ 173 Red
HK 161 Red
HQ 161 Red
HQ 173 Red
HQ 202 Red
HQ 253 Red
HQ 308 Red
HR 161 Red
HT 308 Red
HT 161 Red
HT 253 Red
HX 202 Red
HX 253 Red
HX 308 Red
HZ 202 Red
HZ 253 Red
HZ 308 Red
Jackaroo L1 (UBS17) Isuzu 4ZE1
Jackaroo UBS13 Isuzu G200Z
Rodeo KB Isuzu G200Z
Rodeo TF Isuzu 4ZE1
Shuttle WFR Isuzu 4ZB1
Shuttle WFR Isuzu 4ZC1
Torana LC 161 Red
Torana LC 138 Red
Torana LC 173 Red
Torana LH 202 Red
Torana LH 173 Red
Torana LH 253 Red
Torana LH 308 Red
Torana LJ 202 Red
Torana LJ 138 Red
Torana LJ 173 Red
Torana LX 173 Red
Torana LX 202 Red
Torana LX 253 Red
Torana LX 308 Red
Torana UC 202 Red
Torana UC 173 Red
Various 186-202 Performance
Accord AD ET (SOHC 12 Valve)
Accord AD ES (SOHC 12 Valve)
Integra DA D16A3 (DOHC 16 Valve)
Prelude AB ET (SOHC 12 Valve)
Prelude AB ES (SOHC 12 Valve)
323 BF B6 (SOHC 8 Valve)
323 BW Wagon B6 (SOHC 8 Valve)
Challenger PA 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
Delica PB/PD/PF 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
Magna TE 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
Magna TF 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
Magna TH 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
Magna TJ 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
Starwagon WA 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
Triton MK 6G72 (SOHC 24 Valve)
2400 G130 L24
240C 230 L24
240K C110 L24
240Z S30 L24
260C 230/330 L26
260Z S30 L26
280C 330 L28
280C 430 L28E
280ZX S130 L28E
Fairlady S130 L28E
Patrol GQ RB30S (SOHC 12 Valve)
Patrol MQ L28
Skyline C210/211 L24
Skyline R30 L24E
504 (XN2) XN1 XN2
505 ZDJL (851B/X)
505 (XN1) XN1 XN2
505 GR (XN1) XN1 XN2
505 GTi ZDJL (851B/X)
505 SLI (XN1) XN1 XN2
505 STi ZDJL (851B/X)
416i Honda D16A3 (DOHC 16 Valve)
DL Series EA82
Leone EA82
Vortex EA82
4 Runner YN130 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
4 Runner YN63 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Corona RT81 12R
Dyna 200 YU62 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Dyna LY230 5L
Forklift 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace LH162 5L
Hiace LH172 5L
Hiace LH184 5L
Hiace RH11 12R
Hiace RH16 12R
Hiace RH20 12R
Hiace YH53 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH63 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hiace YH73 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hilux LN147 5L
Hilux LN167 5L
Hilux LN172 5L
Hilux RN20 12R
Hilux RN25 12R
Hilux RN30 12R
Hilux RN40 12R
Hilux YN58 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Hilux YN67 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Spacia YR22 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tarago YR22 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tarago YR31 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Tarago YR34 4Y 4Y-C 4Y-E
Townace KR42 (Carby) 7K-C 7K-E
Townace KR42 (EFI) 7K-C 7K-E